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Forget spam, advertising e-mails, hacking, and robot attacks. Keep your physical mailbox secure and clean. We TrashMail provides disposable email addresses that are temporary, safe, anonymous, and free.


The temporary anonymous email service is made to keep your privacy safe. This service has only been around for a while. The answers to the most frequently asked questions will help you understand the service and start using our convenient and safe service right away.


Q. What is disposable temporary e-mail?

Disposable email is an email address that can be used only once and is completely anonymous. It does not need to be registered.


Q. Is temporary mail safe?

TEMP-MAIL cares about keeping your privacy safe. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) says that we can only use the information we get in a legal way. Your regular email keeps information for a long time.


To join suspicious sites, you need to make and send anonymous letters. It is especially helpful for things like forums, sweepstakes, and instant messaging, where your privacy is very important.


Q. How does a temporary email work?

When you sign up for the website, we will give you a temporary email address. Use this temporary email address when you sign up for websites you don't trust. This way, the website can send spam to your temporary email address without sending it to your real address.


Q. How many mailboxes can I create?

Our service does not impose any limitations or restrictions on its users.


Q. Can multiple people use one email?

Inboxes are public, which means that anyone can access them. You should treat them as public and not use them for anything that needs to be kept secret. When you get messages, delete them as soon as you're done reading them if you can.


Anyone can get to your email if they know your temporary email address.

Amazing Features

Temporary email protects your real address from spam, ads, and malware.

Why Use Our Temporary Email Service?

You can feel safe giving out this temporary email address because it won't be linked to any other aspect of your identity and it's completely free. Any of our e-mails can be used in place of your own personal e-mail when signing up for new services online.

Register without worrying about your real email address becoming inundated with spam. Use one of our temporary postal addresses when signing up for a suspicious website.

Keep your identity a secret! Using a temporary email address ensures your privacy online. Your personal email address will not be used to send you unsolicited messages.


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Our Service Sends Instant E-mail Without Registration

You can't send email to other domains or people. We offer this service so that you can be sure to sign up for the site and check it out first. This is an extra step to reduce the chance of getting unwanted e-mail or viruses.

We care about security, and we work hard to make sure you are safe and don't get tracked. Please don't abuse our service and only use the temporary email service for legal purposes.

We hope our service meets your needs.